C.H.Lion Rag Baby (the mascot for Ken, the guitarist from the band, L’Arc en Ciel) flanked by the melon-bodied bear brother and sister, Mero and Cosumin, the mascots of Kawasaki’s Miyamae-ku.

A big festival was held last weekend in trendy Koenji, Tokyo, part of which was a gathering of mascots in a small park. Hosting the event was Koenji’s own Psyche Delhi-san, a glowing-eyed yuruchara in a turban. This was a fun event, because a lot of obscure and unusual mascots were present. Bad weather cut the day short, but I managed to see a encounter a few unique characters.

Teruru braves the rain.

OMC-kun, the debonair raccoon dog from Yamanashi’s Southern Alps, draws a portrait for a fan.

P-kun, the mascot for the P Ark pachinko chain, plays on a spring rider in the park.

Daikon-chama meets P-kun.

Ino-chan and Manabu are the mascots of school uniform makers, Tombow.

Ishinomaken makes cartoon noises when he moves.

Akabou-kun is the mascot for a removal van company.

Daikon-chama, unofficial mascot of Koenji’s Ota Ward.