Month: November 2017

Tokoron Joins a Samba Parade

Tokoron, the lovable of mascot of Tokorozawa City in Saitama Prefecture, celebrated his seventh birthday last weekend. Tokorozawa is the home of aviation in Japan and was the site of the country’s first airport, and thus Tokoron is a human/plane hybrid.

Last month I was lucky enough to witness the spectacle of Tokoron exuberantly dancing in a parade. An incongruous but entertaining part of Tokorozawa’s otherwise traditional annual festival is the samba parade, so Tokoron was dressed in a flamboyant carnival costume. I salute whoever danced for hours in that cumbersome costume.

Multiple Mascots at the Koenji Festival

C.H.Lion Rag Baby (the mascot for Ken, the guitarist from the band, L’Arc en Ciel) flanked by the melon-bodied bear brother and sister, Mero and Cosumin, the mascots of Kawasaki’s Miyamae-ku.

A big festival was held last weekend in trendy Koenji, Tokyo, part of which was a gathering of mascots in a small park. Hosting the event was Koenji’s own Psyche Delhi-san, a glowing-eyed yuruchara in a turban. This was a fun event, because a lot of obscure and unusual mascots were present. Bad weather cut the day short, but I managed to see a encounter a few unique characters.

Teruru braves the rain.

OMC-kun, the debonair raccoon dog from Yamanashi’s Southern Alps, draws a portrait for a fan.

P-kun, the mascot for the P Ark pachinko chain, plays on a spring rider in the park.

Daikon-chama meets P-kun.

Ino-chan and Manabu are the mascots of school uniform makers, Tombow.

Ishinomaken makes cartoon noises when he moves.

Akabou-kun is the mascot for a removal van company.

Daikon-chama, unofficial mascot of Koenji’s Ota Ward.

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