Last weekend I went to “Charadise Japan”, a large indoor yuruchara event in the Grand Prince Hotel New Takanawa in Shinagawa, Tokyo. There was a stage, workshops, a restaurant, a trick photography area, and multiple booths selling character goods. Although the event wasn’t very well attended, seeing dozens of mascots interacting in such plush surroundings was a novelty, and I took lots of photos. Here are some of them:

Shibuya’s pink ice cream/dog poo/dog character, Sofuto-kuri Inu, is not out of place posing for a surreal “Alice in Wonderland”-themed trick photograph.

Plus Chan, Hanipon, and Anikinme-kun, hanging out.

Zoukirin meets PsycheDelhi San. Things are getting very trippy.

Asakusamurai browses the gashapon vending machines.

Soy milk mascot, Chosei Tonyu-Kun, enjoys an ice cream sundae. I wonder if it’s made of soy milk?

Oddball unofficial mascot, Kikuchi-kun, poses with members of the girl band, Banzai Japan, while Naganyan lurks behind, hoping for an introduction.

Chosei Tonyu-kun photobombs a picture of Fukka-chan and Saniel.

Big and little sumo mascots, Pier Nishiki and Konitaro.

The increasingly popular Potekuma, the potato/bear from picturesque Chichibu in Saitama.

Tsurugon rescues Muuma from the jaws of a giant Melon Kuma.

Niigata’s Sasadangon strikes a pose in palatial environs.